Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Building A New Home

Home Construction can be an exciting adventure. We built the home we are in now 13 years ago. Being young and married with two little ones, we scrimped and saved for five years while living in a mobile home to build what was then our dream home. I still absolutely love it, but life has a way of throwing you a curve ball now and then to change things up.

Our big change involves a move and therefore a new home. I had a certain floor plan in mind and after spending countless hours with a realtor going through houses I just did not love, we decided building was our only option. 

We were able to meet with a architect who has made my floor plan come alive. My two favorite features are a mudroom off the garage to drop coats, shoes and mail to keep clutter at bay and the laundry room which connects to the master bedroom his and her closets making it easy to wash and put clothes away.  I don't know how many houses we walked through that had laundry rooms off garages. Really! Why in the world would you want to come if from outside with dirty shoes and walk into where all of your clean clothes are, or spend time hauling clothes up and downstairs if bedrooms are on upper levels!

OK well enough about my laundry room rant. Being a food blogger you know the kitchen is going to be important as well. I love my kitchen now and am basically recreating it.

We will finish up paperwork this week and hopefully have a hole in the ground soon. We have pretty tight budget so I will be on the lookout for the best deals around. I will be blogging all of our building adventures here and share with you what you may be missing when it comes to the home!


  1. Ever since I was little, I've really enjoyed looking at the calgary new homes "blueprints" like this. It really is fun to see the differences between homes. I've very jealous of these architects.

  2. What lovely news you shared with us, Sharmin! Though it's more practical to just buy an existing house, I would also go with building my own. This way, I am assured that everything is how I want them to be. By the way, I think you are one of those people who do things smartly. You saved up for years to have your first dream house until it is time to let go and move on. And with this new one, you are carefully planning everything, so I sincerely hope that things will fall into their rightful places. Best of luck to you! Alejandra Hutchcraft

  3. Building your own house is a brave decision for you. We all know how stressful and challenging construction process is, and not all homeowners can supervise that on their own. But with your past experience and great plan on hand, you can be sure that you are headed to the right path.

    Kayce @ EasyWayBuildingBrokers.com.au

  4. I also designed and my dream home built and still love it 6 years later.


  5. Ideally, the master bedroom should be at the side of the house so that it does not crowd the other rooms.Anyways your ideas are also appreciable than you for your post. floor plans for homes

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  7. Having already undertaken one large new build project not sure I could face another!

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