Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Boot

Located in Westport, The Boot is sister to the popular and successful French-inspired Westport Café and Bar owned by  Aaron Confessori. 

Confessori’s passion to always own a restaurant came to life after opening Westport Café and Bar two years ago and Westport Street fare, a Mexican inspired Food Truck which opened in 2011. After much success at both, Confessori opened The Boot, an Italians style bistro next door to WCB, in February 2012 and from my experience, I think he has another winner on his hands. 

I was contacted a few weeks ago to come in and check it out and since it has been on my list to get to, I could not say no. I was able to bring along my husband, sister, and her husband and we had a great evening. I love it when I am able to dine with a larger group so we can order a variety of items to share. Below is an account of the dishes we tried. 

Warning, it will make you hungry!

Sheep Milk Ricotta with Thyme, Oregano and Olive Oil
I am a sucker for any kind of bread and olive oil dip, so adding the ricotta cheese to this put it over the top. 

Cheese Plate 
A beautiful variety of assorted cheeses including aged Provolone, Grana Padano, Ricotta and more.

Luigi Pizza
This pizza has tomato, beef pepperoni, aged Provolone and marinated artichokes. I thought the crust was amazing and all of the topping paired well. This pizza is named after Confessori's father who happens to be a vegetarian. He still eats this pizza as his one indulgence and I can see why as it was a favorite dish of the evening. 

Porco Picante Meatballs
 Made with pork shoulder and hot pickled cherry peppers, these meatballs were flavorful and spicy. They packed the perfect amount of heat and came in as a close second to the pizza!

Fusili Carbonara
 This House-made Fusilii pasta tossed with Guanciale (very intensive flavored bacon), Parmesan, black pepper and egg is surprisingly light.  Most carbonaras I have had are covered in heavy cream sauces. This dish was a nice change to that with egg still adding a creamy element and the Guanicale adding the smokey bacon flavor.  After this came to the table, we were back to trying to choose a favorite!

 The pork chop is tender with a sweet glaze.  The fennel gratin is a take on au gratin potatoes and had layers of shaved fennel and grana padano.  We all thought the pork chop was tender and delicious but the fennel gratin had mixed reviews. My sister’s husband and I liked it, but my husband and my sister decided it was not their favorite.

The décor features rustic brick walls and classic red and white window accents. The dining area is quite small so to accommodate as many guests as possible a unique features is the community table that runs up the center and seats up to 18. The setting is intimate with candlelight and has a real Italian feel.

Dessert consisted of a moist Olive Oil Pumpkin Cake, Crisp Apple Fritters with Ricotta and Almond and coffee. The desserts were a nice sweet ending to the meal and I loved the beautiful coffee mugs and the adorable "boot" creamer container. 

The Boot menu offers a variety of unique items and is not your run of the mill Italian restaurant.  The bar offers classic cocktails as well as a nice selection of beer and wine. It is defiantly worth visiting and all of us at the table agreed that we would go back.   

I have yet to try the Westport Street Fare Food Truck but have been invited to, so I hope to make it there soon.  I will let you know “what you’re missing” there as soon as I do!
If you have a great food find in KC you think I am missing, email me.  
The Boot
415 Westport Road

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